The Raven

I have been dying to do this shoot for sooooo long….  beautiful girl, black dress, black birds (not in this shot) with a little edge to it!!  Eliana Olivo provided her services for hair and makeup and I am soooo grateful.  Miss Larkin Bailey just looked cool beyond words when all the work was done.

We headed off to a field which was for some reason scattered with catfish corpses….  I shoot in the field all the time…. never any dead fish before.  Fortunately, they were pretty far gone and their skeletal remains didn’t have an odor.

I took a beauty dish (I’m new to using artificial light outdoors, so this was good practice) to push me out of my comfort zone and IT DID!!!

We left with several ant bites and at one point I was sitting in an ant pile and covered with ants.  How I managed to escape unscathed… I’ll never know.

Here is the 1st edit from the session… can’t wait to share more: