“Develop confidence in your work, but lose the attitude.  After all, we’re just photographers, not rock stars, not rocket scientists.  It’s important to remember we have an impact on peoples lives as we work with them to capture memories and experiences, but there’s no need to let our sense of self importance or self righteousness get in the way of our learning.”  Learning to Speak by Amy McDowell.

I read this a while back and it is always in the back of my mind… it truly made an impact on me in what can be an ugly business.  Sue Bryce and Lara Jade also commented on Creative Live… “If you are competing, then you aren’t creating.”  Another quote I love.

My goal when I started Shabby Jack Photography was to sustain the studio and my children’s education and that is still my goal today.  I love that photography allows me time to be creative and still be a full time wife and mother at home.  I don’t aspire to “rock star” status, nor do I desire to work every second of the day to attain such status…. but I have to say….  a little bit of recognition for the hard work and passion feels great.

It is truly an honor and I am truly humbled to be part of the Hot 100 this year, the L&L cover and Wanderlust calendar… but I give credit for every ounce of recognition I receive to my AMAZING clients and those beautiful young ladies who entrust me to capture their essence and quiet beauty… that elegant natural beauty of a young girl today and a beautiful woman tomorrow.

Congratulations to Ashley McCord, Peyton Gant, Megan Carbaugh, Kelly Robinson and Iliana Amador for your featured images in 2013… you are the ROCK STARS!!