What a Year

I love photography, but I hate marketing and feared submitting.  Submitting means being told “yes” or “no” and I personally don’t want to hear “no”.   It’s scary putting images you personally love out there and being told… nope… we don’t want it.  This year, I ventured out and submitted to Lemonade and Lenses June 2013 Cover Competition and won… it was an amazing feeling and with it came a huge boost of confidence.  Since then, I have been featured on the L&L site, been published in The Senior Style Guide, won a spot in SSG Hot 100 Images and just learned I will have an image published in Beyond the Wanderlust’s 2014 calendar.

WOW!  It’s been an incredible year.  I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to do something I love and overcome my fears.  I continue to struggle to find time.  Marketing and submitting is TIME CONSUMING….  crazy time consuming…  but I truly love this work and have the most AMAZING clients!!!  Thank you.